Variable Oil Purification System VOP003

Capacity: 100 - 300 l/h
Heating capacity: 7.5 kW

The oil purification plant VOP 003 is equipped with the following standard functions:

  • PID controlled heating unit (7.5kW)
  •  Level supervision devices
  • Safety Shut Down function
  • Pressure supervision
  • Temperature supervision

The plant is controlled by a PLC system and has a complete automatic mode (since 2008), which allows easy and safe operation. In manual mode, the plant is controlled over buttons on the control panel.


Serie 003 plants are designed for purification of small amounts of oil (up to 2000l). Mostly they are used for first filling or repair of smaller electrial equipment, such as e.g. instrument transformers.


 Product data sheet (pdf, 3MB)


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