Oil Purification

Schema Aufbereitung Micafluid

    Micafluid Oil Treatment Process:

  • careful and safe heating
  • thin film degassing/evaporation
  • filtration, regeneration

The oil to be treated is transported to the plant by means of pressure difference, enters first the heating unit and then the degassing unit. By flowing through the heating unit, the oil is carefully heated up to selected process temperature. Hotspots (local overtemperature) and overshooting of the preselected process temperature are avoided by sufficiently designed heat exchange area as well as PID controlled heating power.

Using the unique Micafluid degassing system and the special geometry of the degassing unit, the oil is distributed over a large surface. During the resulting thin-film evaporation, dissolved gases and water are separated from the oil. The well designed degassing unit allow best treatment results at higher end vacuum and reasonable process temperatures.
Treating oil at a higher end vacuum guarantees that no light fractions are evaporated from the original insulating oil; therefore Micafluid oil purification systems do not influence the required chemical/physical properties of the original oil. After degassing and dehumidification under vacuum the oil is conveyed by a specially sealed, frequency controlled feeding pump through the fine filter and out of the plant.

All MICAFLUID oil purification systems are equipped with an automatic foam detection and breaking device, the so called AFC system (Anti Froth Control).





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