To ensure the plants availability and the plants guaranteed values for oil treatment (water content [ppm], gas content [Vol%]), a periodical inpection of the plants condition for VH, VOT und VOP (since 2007) units is required.

During an inspection, the general condition of an oil purification unit is estimated, the leckage rate of the whole system is analysed as well as the final pressure of the vacuum pumps is measured. All sensors and measuring devices are analized and tested upon condition and function.

After reconsulting with the plant's owner / operator already during an inspection, certain maintenance and repair work can be done by our engineer. Based on the testing protocol, further actions (delivery of spare parts, adoption in the operating manual, next revision and service jobs) are defined and scheduled. An inspection of an oil purification unit lasts, depending on the age and condition of the unit, about 1-2 days on-site.

The quality certificate of the unit indicates the need of an inspection. This document is always putted up in the control panel. If it is not available anymore, the Micafluid Customer Service can give the corresponding information (



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