REOIL System

Oil Regeneration and Re-Adsorption Plant REOIL

Application: This plant type combines two approved technologies:

Regeneration Unit (RU):
Regeneration of aged oils by adsoprtion and reactivation of saturated adsorption clay by thermal treatment.

Purification Unit (PU):
Micafluid Oil Purification System VOP

Both units are normally installed in a container.

If the adsorption clay reaches its maximum saturation, the RU is automatically separated from the PU. While the PU is further on treating the oil (degassing, dehumidification and filtering), the RU starts to reactivate the saturated adsorbens. As soon as this process is completed, the RU is again connected with the PU for normal operation (treatment an regeneration).

Depending on the quality of the adorbens clay it can be reactivated up to 250 times.



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