Plant Control VOT / VOP

Micafluid Steuerung

Oil treatment plants series VOT 1999 - 2006 are equipped with a robust relays control system, which assures simple and easy operation.



Oil purification systems series VOP (since 2007) are controlled by and with a small PLC. All system conditions (signals from sensors and buttons) are evaluated and analized in this central control station. A HMI communicates with the operator and displays/indicates system conditions and malfunctions. Adoptions to customer specific operating conditions are simply done by either changing released parameter values or by a software update. Free DI / DO allow later implementation of sensors or control functions.



Simatic S7-200
Special plants or integrated systems (Implementation of the oil treatment plant into an overrided control system) are either PLC controlled or the whole controll system is outsourced (only signals and data from and to the plant).

Complete oil distribution systems are controlled by VOP units. Every system conditions of tanks, distribution branches and end users are supervised and monitored on the display of the VOP.



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