Vacuum Treatment

  • thin film degassing system
  • pressure level above vapor pressure of fluid
  • single stage vacuum pump systems

Micafluid Oil Purification/Treatment technology is based on a thin film degassing under vacuum. By means of pressure difference between oil film and the surrounded vacuum water evaporates. The built-up water vapor is then extracted together with dissolved gases from the liquid and the removed from the system by the vacuum pump(s). Micafluid recommends a specific range of process temperature, specified for optimum equilibrium conditions between liquid and gaseous phase, but also economically (low power consumption) as well as physical-chemical aspects (no change in composition) are considered.

During thin film evaporation, the fluid is distributed over a large surface by using a structured bed column. This large evaporation surface leads to thin fluid films being in direct contact with the surrounding vacuum in the degassing column. Due to optimized geometry and design, the vacuum level is constant over the whole column leading to identical purification conditions and results.

Performing purification processes under vacuum, the pressure in the degassing unit must always be above the vapor pressure of the liquid. Therefore the Micafluid Degassing system is design for having a minimum pressure level of more than 0.7mbar by using single stage vacuum systems.








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